George was first introduced to photography at a young age.  Creative, yet completely devoid of the ability to draw, he was drawn to a wide variety of pursuits, including music, acting, dance and eventually photography.  George was no natural genius but that didn't stop him from trying.  George eventually found himself as a student of Film Production at Full Sail where he learned many of the basic skills he still relies on today.

After his time at Full Sail, George found himself craving a regular creative outlet and turned to photography as an answer.  After being introduced to a creative photography community he found the time and resources to hone the basics into a professional skillset, effectively overcoming his complete lack of natural talent.  Reaching out of his box, he began the small business, Studio Glue Photography.  He has since returned to school to expand his visual skillset by receiving a degree in graphic design.  He still occasionally works with medium format photography and traditional film, like a hipster.

George works with schools, charities, small businesses and families to produce quality images.  He is flexible, accommodating, friendly and surprisingly introverted.  Despite this last characteristic, George presents himself as a high energy, approachable professional and he strives to continue to improve his work even as a professional.